Gold leaf in 32 different shades

Colours in a wide range are obtained due to the different shares of the components.Thus we can offer leaves with a raw-gold content between 6 and 24 carat. NORIS BLATTGOLD offers you 25 different shades. The sizes on offer are between 50 and 140 mm as square as well as.rectangular. The most common size in Germany is 80 x 80 mm, in other countries or for special purposes other sizes might be necessary. As always the gold-leaf squares are placed in booklets of 25 leaves, separated by tissue paper, ready for delivery. Twelve booklets make up a book containing 300 leaves.
In addition to gold-leaf we offer roll gold, powder gold, silver leaf and roll silver in excellent quality. This standard can only be obtained by production in our company itself supported by the knowledge of decades and the most modern technology.
Even when it comes to imitations, NORIS BLATTGOLD can offer you everything from its own production. The palette ranges from imitation metal in different colour shades inclusive imitation copper, imitation aluminium, and Metallschabin to lac, bronce and polishing bronce.

Sets for edible gold & silver leaf as well as Kölner Starter-Sets

More than just gold-leaf

The whole assortment of NORIS BLATTGOLD contains as well all the tools and materials required by gilders, restaurators and church painters.
In six further product groups a complete assortment for all ways of application is presented.
You can obtain all tools reaching from agate polishing stones to gilder’s cushions. We store an especially extensive assortment of high qualitiy agate polishing stones.
A wide range of the fines brushes in all common sizes is a further important branch of production that is important for your daily work.
Adhesives, boles, lacs, resins, waxes, glues, liquids, chalks, and dry-colour- powders round off our assortment.
At NORIS BLATTGOLD you receive everthing from one source, always in excellent quality, rapidly, reliably and at best prices.
Our extensive main catalogue contains the full range of gold leaf in eight different product groups as well as all the tools and materials you need for guilding purposes.

Adhesive & Mixtions

Agate polishing stones

Artificial gold series




Gold glass tiles

Gold leaf

Kölner gilding products

Metal, Imitation & Composition Leaf



Powder Gold / Shell gold

Roll Gold


Zwischgold leaf


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