Since the fourth century, glass mosaics have been worked in the churches of Rome and Ravenna. In the Far East, this technique is particularly popular for decorating large surfaces of sacred buildings.

Everyone will find Gold-glass tiles affordable and easy to install.


The gold is melted in a vacuum between glass plates in a special process. Since the edges are closed, there is no way that weathering of the gold can occur. An adhesive specially designed for the purpose enables the tile to be installed even underwater (e.g. swimming pools, whirl pools etc.). For every other surface (in the bathroom or living area) a special Flex tile adhesive, supplied by us, can be used.


The standard format of Gold-glas tiles is around 45 x 45 mm with a pure gold platinum mixture. Various formats upt to 150 x 150 mm are possible. These mosaics can be produced not only in linear planes but also in curves.


Our full range of genuine gold colours in 27 tones and genuine silver colours as well as over 1500 coloured glass tiles are available.

Quality control

We carry out strict quality control procedures. Every 500th tile is tested to destruction in our factory - to verify the stability:

- 20 times submersion in ice water and boiling water alternately without becoming cracked
- 12 hours of ultrasound bambardment
- at least 40 kp force without breaking.


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