Powder Gold in small plates

Powder-Gold, brilliant, size approx. 8μ. Available in tins of 2, 5 or 10 gr. For special packings and special colours please inquire. Price per gram.

Art.No.   Description  Carats  Picture 
130-000020  White-Gold  12 cts 
130-000019  Light Green Gold  16 cts 
130-000021  Lemon Gold  18 cts 
130-000022  Powder Gold, Orange-Gold   22 cts 
130-000023  Powder Gold, Ducate Gold   23 cts 
130-000025  Powder Gold, Ducate Polish Gold   23,5 cts 
130-000024  Powder Gold, Rosenoble Gold   23,75 cts 
Art.No.   Description    Picture 

Powder silver  5 g

10 g  

Shell Gold and Shell Silver

Shell gold is powder gold with gum. Packed in small plastic tins. It is watersoluble and is to be applied as water colours.

NORIS Shellgold / Shellsilver

Art.No.   Description  Picture 
130-010330  Shell gold small 
130-010332  Shell gold middle 
130-010331  Shell gold large 
130-010410  Shell gold white
12 cts 
130-010320  Shell silver small 
130-010322  Shell silver middle 
130-010321  Shell silver large 

NORIS Silver varnish

Art.No.   Description  VE 
130-010350  Silver varnish  6 gram 

NORIS painters gold

Art.No.   Description  Unit  Picture 

Painter’s gold varnish
for both interior & exterior gilding, genuine gold
23.75 karat treated with metal powder  
30 ml

125 ml  
130-010360  Painter’s gold (gilded metal powder)
genuine gold 23.75 karat treated with metal powder 
10 gr. 

painters gold shell in round cups,
genuine gold 23.75 cts
treated with metal powder