The gold and silver leaf is pressed onto an approx. 21 m long role. The width is optional – from 3 mm to 110 mm. Roll gold is suitable for gilding with Kölner Instacoll System or oil gilding on smooth and flat surfaces such as frames and writing. It is also easy to use on rounded/curved surfaces.

Art.No.   Description  Carats  Picture 
120-102600  White Gold  12 carat 
120-10260  Lemon Gold light shade  18 carat 
120-10262  Orange Double Gold   22 carat 
120-10263  Orange Double Gold   22,5 carat 
120-10264  Ducate Double Gold  23 carat 
120-10265  Ducate Double polish Gold  23,5 carat 
120-10266   Rosenoble Double Gold  23,75 carat 
120-10267  Pure Genuine Gold triple thick  24 carat 
120-10268  Silver on rolls   

Rollgold between discs

Rollgold 3mm breadth, between two plastic discs for chocolate

Art.No.   Description  Picture 
120-10270  Rollgold, per roll
3mm breadth, length approx 21 m  
215-10290   Device for unrolling the gold for candies 
215-10280   Device for unrolling the gold on rolls